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Our First Anniversary

Today marks the first anniversary of Street Art NQ. We launched on the 12th May last year as the new sister site to Street Art Sheffield. We wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that has supported this website so far.

It has been great fun building up the website over the last year. There are now over 500 photos of graffiti and street art in our gallery. The vast majority of these from Manchester’s Northern Quarter. We are busy working on new features for Street Art NQ to ensure that it continues to grow. This will hopefully be the first of many anniversaries to celebrate.

Unfortunately, the fight against the current Coronavirus pandemic has had an impact on our ability to keep things up to date on the site. Looking at the state of the world right now, it looks like rules of social distancing are likely to be in place for a long time. This will sadly affect how often this site can be updated for the time being. However, Street Art NQ will survive this and normal service will eventually return.

Thanks to the likes of NorthernQuarterForum, Steve Wright and NQManchester we have been able to recently add some of the street art that has appeared around the Northern Quarter in the last couple of months in recognition of the incredible key workers that have helped keep everything going during the lockdown.

For now, there’s lots of amazing artworks, old and new, to discover in our gallery. We will also continue to share some of the best pieces from our archive via Twitter. If you don’t follow us yet, please do. Your follows, likes and retweets all help provide the motivation for Street Art NQ to continue. They also help raise further awareness of how fantastic Manchester’s street art is to the rest of the world.

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