Northern Quarter

Our Planet

  • Location:
    Thomas Street
  • Date Taken:
  • Year Created:
  • Artist(s):
    Jim Vision
  • This has since been removed and can no longer be seen on location.

To promote the release of their new Sir David Attenborough series Our Planet Netflix commissioned artist Jim Vision to paint seven murals across the UK. Manchester was one of the selected cities and Jim’s large mural can be found at the end of Thomas Street in the Northern Quarter.

The mural depicts the radioactive wastelands of Chernobyl that has been taken over by wildlife in recent years.

Commercial street art is a controversial topic, but feedback for this Netflix sponsored work has been mostly positive. Attenborough’s latest show carries the important message about tackling the climate change emergency that our planet now faces, so anything to spread the word is surely a good thing. It helps that the mural is absolutely stunning.


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